Tour d'Epicure Okanagan

The 2018 Tour d'Epicure Okanagan event will raise funds for the Terry Fox Profyle. This exciting Pan-Canadian project brings together the expertise of over 50 of Canada's top researchers who aim to change the health outcomes of the children who have been with no more treatment options for cancer. 

Today, 20% of children diagnosed with cancer will not be cured. Of the estimated 3,700 children diagnosed with cancer in Canada annually, 700 of them will have their cancers recur, spread or become resistant to available treatments. 

The goals of the Terry Fox Profyle program means it is now possible to envision an improvement in these children's outcomes and eventually cures. How? By applying new knowledge and technology to profile the individual molecular and genetic make-up of tumours of young cancer patients enrolled in the program they will be able to identify new treatments that will save the lives of the children with these hard-to-treat cancers. 

We are excited to support this incredible program through the Tour d'Epicure Okanagan 2018 event.